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It is with a fond farewell that we bid adieu to this blog. It will stay open and active, but we won't be posting any new content.

We hope that our wonderful blog readers will come and visit our new blog soon!

Warmly, Heather

I just love this picture of Jessy's shoes!!
Jessy & Travis Got Hitched!

Our friends Jessy & Travis got married! It was a small intimate wedding, and of course we just had to photograph it! It's always a bit odd when we photograph a wedding where we know absolutely everyone there, but this was a lot of fun and we got to see a lot of people that we don't normally get the chance to hang out with.

Jessy & Travis did an awesome job with the details at their wedding - they went with an Asian theme. My favorite thing - Jessy's red shoes!!

We had plenty of time to do some awesome portraits both before and after the wedding, and I thought the antique process I've been working on suited their style ever so well!

Jessy & Travis - best wishes to you guys for a fabulous future! It's going to be fun to see where you guys go in life!

Jessytraviswed0031 Jessytraviswed0235 Jessytraviswed0258 Jessytraviswed0319 Jessytraviswed0343 Jessytraviswed0356 Jessytraviswed0380 Jessytraviswed0438

WedComp 3rd Place for Kenneth!

I'm so excited and proud of Kenneth! We just found out that he won 3rd place in the ceremony category of WedCOMP. There were hundreds of entries from around the world from some incredibly talented photographers. He won for this awesome image taken at Kelli & Zack's wedding last year.

Kenneth specializes in catching moments like this, so it's great to see him recognized for one of his images!

Much love to all! Heather

Alt-F Workshop in Atlanta!

I had the chance to attend the Alt-F workshop in Atlanta this past Thursday. Alt-F is John Michael Cooper and his wife Dalisa. Check out their work at because they do really cool stuff like lighting brides on fire (with a little photoshop help of course!).

In any case, I was excited to get the chance to see how they work. I was inspired by their vision and learned some new tricks in Photoshop, which was cool.

Even more fun for me, at the last minute their model for the afternoon session was unable to come, so my dear friend and past bride Michelle agreed to come and model. So, here are a couple of images of Michelle taken at the workshop using some new photoshop techniques, and a shot of Michelle checking out the results on the back of John's camera.

Thanks to John & Dalisa for an awesome day and many thanks also to Zack Arias of Used Film for hosting us at his studio!

Much love to all! Heather Mason

Michelle1 Michelle2 Michelle3 _mg_9467

Have I Mentioned... much I love my job? I was just thinking about it today, and thought I would share my brainwaves with all of you! :D

The reasons I love what I do:

  1. I get to express myself creatively almost everyday.

  2. I get to go weddings all the time - and I LOVE weddings.

  3. I get the privilege of being a part of one of the most special days in our couple's lives.

  4. I get to work in my pajamas a lot haha!

  5. We get to travel and visit new cities.

But, the number one reason I love being a photographer is this: All of you! I get to meet amazing people, make new friends, see the joy on someone's face when they relive their wedding day. I love all of our clients - you guys are what makes me tick!

So, thanks to everyone who has been a part of us building our business over the past 2 years or so. Thank you to all of our fabulous clients who have trusted us to capture their memories.

Enough of my sappy ramblings! Coming up soon on the blog - more weddings, an awesome beach bridal, and some other fun stuff!

Much love to you all!


Jenna & Adam's Engagement

We had so much fun photographing these two! We all braved a thunderstorm, got a bit wet (although somehow Jenna still looked awesome while I looked like a wet poodle),traipsed through a graveyard and had a great time! These two smoke up the lens for sure!

Jenna & Adam - we would happily photograph you guys every day! We can't wait for the wedding!!

Much love, Heather & Kenneth

Jennaadamblog-0001 Jennaadamblog-0002 Jennaadamblog-0003 Jennaadamblog-0004 Jennaadamblog-0005 Jennaadamblog-0006 Jennaadamblog-0008 Jennaadamblog-0009

Cynthia & Josh's Wedding

We had the great pleasure of taking a road trip to Atmore, Alabama for the wedding of Cynthia & Josh. Atmore is a small town above Pensacola, FL, which was fun, because I have family in Pensacola, so we got to visit with them as well.

Cynthia & Josh had such a sweet wedding! They are both gorgeous people, both inside and out! With Josh's dad performing the ceremony, and lots of friends and family involved, you could really get a sense of the support these two are going to have starting their new life together.

Cynthia & Josh - we had a great time working with you both! We can't wait to show you the rest of your images!

Much love, Heather & Kenneth

_mg_4975 Cynthiablog-0001 Cynthiablog-0002 Cynthiablog-0003 Cynthiablog-0005 Cynthiablog-0006 Cynthiablog-0007 Cynthiablog-0008

Crista & Ashley's Wedding

We were so thrilled to be a part of Crista & Ashley's big day! There is so much I could say about this wedding...awesome family and friends, a cool location, a nice sunny (albeit HOT) day, and a super sweet couple. You just can't beat that in the life of a wedding photographer!

The wedding was in Ashburn, GA. What, you might ask, is in Ashburn? I'll tell you what - a really nice location for a wedding! Quail's Landing was one of the most unique and perfect locations for a wedding that we've seen recently. Throw in some gorgeous flowers and other decorations, and it was just fabulous!

I always tease our couples to 'show the love' in their portraits, but with Crista and Ashley, it would be hard to miss the love (especially when Ashley grabbed Crista for a sweet first kiss)! We wish you guys the very best! Thank you again for letting us be part of your day!

Much love, Heather

P.S. One of the photographs below is one of my favorites that Kenneth has taken recently. Crista's dad was just a bit emotional after giving his daughter away...I just love that image!